A Classy Woman Doesn't Comment on Everything

Some speak because they feel they have something truly valuable to add to the conversation while others share their personal experiences, opinions and advice when they are with someone they feel they can relate to or help, then there are those who don't know when to stop talking and feel everything requires their personal commentary, leaving little mystery and lacking discretion. 

As we grow and mature over time, we will realize that there is great value in remaining silent sometimes and just taking things in whether we are a student in class, on our first date, interviewing for a promising job opportunity or mingling with others at a dinner party. I don't know about you, but sometimes I find it interesting to just 'people watch'. See how people interact, react, initiate conversation, etc. I also learn a lot from the people who always feel the need to comment, it says a lot about who they are. Although their intentions may be good, it can reveal their insecurity, pride, ego and more. 

We gain so much more when we are curious and ask questions and listen for answers vs. feel the need to say something, anything, just to be included. We must be especially mindful of this in today's social media age where everyone is encouraged to comment and share their opinions although it's not always warranted.

Thanks for Reading!