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Today's post is one that is long overdue. One question that I've received again and again over the years in the comments, via e-mail and on social media is what particular books I recommend on the topic of Manners and Etiquette. I thought it was about time that I put together a post to share some of my favorite resources for you, and of course I can now easily direct those with future inquiries here too!

Over the years I've read several books on the topic of good manners, everyday etiquette, becoming a lady as well as civility in general and these are the books that I personally recommend to add to your library to brush up on proper etiquette as you endeavor to become even more polished, well mannered and ultimately become a more classy woman.

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As a mother to a darling little girl who is nearly 2.5 years old, teaching polite behavior has been something I've been working on with her for well over a year. Some may think that is too soon to teach a toddler, however children truly are little sponges just waiting to learn and soak up new knowledge. I've witnessed first-hand how easy it is to train my daughter and everywhere we go, people frequently comment on how well behaved she is and also how well mannered she is for her age. Don't get me wrong, she has her little meltdown moments when she's overtired, but in general, I couldn't be more pleased with her behavior. I truly believe it begins at home and being that role model for our children daily is the most important factor.

Just after we celebrated Lily's 1st birthday, we were staying at a local resort in Vero Beach that had these adorable good manners flash cards  on manners and etiquette which I shared at that time here via Instagram. I actually began using them first to teach her colors too as the cards come in 6 different border colors and we'd stack them in piles and she'd ask me: "Mama, what's this?" after looking at the illustration of the piggy on the card, I'd explain to her what we do and say, as well as what we don't and would use further examples of my own to make it relatable. To this day, she still loves playing with her piggy cards and I'm proud to say that she has been saying: "Please, thank you, excuse me, you're welcome, may I have?, can I have? and will you please" for many months now with consistency, she also knows exactly when and how to use them which is a dream for this mama! I'm overjoyed to watch my sweet girl transforming into a lovely little lady. Over the past six months, I've been explaining to my daughter how to respect the environment whether it's being gentle while touching a flower or the difference between which items go into the trash and which can be recycled, and also not to be wasteful, so I was delighted to see the same company created a similar adorable deck of Respect the Earth flash cards, which is just another way to show respect and be mindful of our environment, which I'll be ordering for her next!

Above, I'm sharing another set of books and resources this time specifically geared towards kids of all ages including teens, in case any of you mamas are looking to reinforce good manners in your own home.


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