Top 7 Fashion Trends for Spring

Hi Lovelies! It's so great to be back, Happy April! We had a wonderful family spring break vacation out west and arrived home bright + early last Tuesday morning and we're finally back into the swing of things and have adjusted back to our own timezone after a full week. After a 2 month hiatus from the series, I finally posted a new Manners Monday post yesterday, so be sure to check it out! Also, I'm so excited to share our trip pics, details and some of my favorite outfits and locations with you in the coming weeks (including a once in a lifetime helicopter ride + outfit shoot inside of the Grand Canyon!) so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, with April being a true spring-like month for most, I wanted to share the top trends for spring along with my favorite picks of the season below each!

The basis for a classy woman's wardrobe will always be the staple classic pieces, the ones you'll invest in and own forever. Wardrobe basics are a must to build upon and once those are in place, adding to them with a few trendy of-the-moment items each season will create a more versatile wardrobe, one that is also a lot of fun.

When it comes to my own wardrobe (as you've seen in my outfit posts here and on Instagram), I naturally gravitate towards timeless style and much of what I share was often purchased years prior, with some pieces being even a decade old Every season I get inspired by the current colors, textures and trends and make a point of adding a few that best suit my personality, body type and lifestyle into my closet. During springtime, dresses always pull on my heartstrings, especially given that I live in a warm climate nearly year round so I know I'll make good use of them. During our trip recently, I essentially lived in dresses and sandals, when the sun went down and the temps dropped I simply added a denim jacket, blazer or cardigan.

Today I'm sharing 7 Top trends for Spring with you! Beneath each one you can shop my favorite looks. Over the years I've honed in on what works for me and what doesn't, there are some trends that no matter how great they look on other people or how popular they are, I just can't embrace (like ripped denim shorts for example-I just can't!) because I feel silly in them but this list is perfect for every classy woman, they are all lovely styles to complement the basics that you likely already own and can't go wrong with!

1. Lace: Romance always comes to mind when I think of lace, it's so elegant, feminine and delicate. Lace makes a comeback every spring and is a popular selection for wedding dresses, however we're now seeing it everywhere in a big way and I'm loving it! There are so many gorgeous dresses-everything from casual everyday wear to formal dresses for special events. If you're looking to add a more feminine touch to your everyday career look, incorporate a lace blouse or even a lace pencil skirt (just not both at the same time). ;)  Below are a few of my personal favorite lace pieces right now, and this classic style is one on my wishlist:


2. Bell Sleeves: This style evokes a more Bohemian look, a relaxed feel and one that you may associate with hippie days or those participating in festival season. When done right, they can be very elegant and can add the perfect touch to a pair of jeans or even a skirt. In order to keep it polished, opt for tops that do not have a busy print but instead something more solid with hints of color and pattern such as these below:


3. Off-the-shoulder Tops & Dresses: Another soft, romantic look in my opinion is anything off the shoulder. It shows just enough skin in the right places to be considered sexy and alluring without showing off areas that should be kept covered up. I've long loved this style as well as strapless dresses and halter tops for this reason. These are so feminine and a great option for brunch with girlfriends or a date night out. Take a peek at these beauties:



4. Espadrille Wedges: While wedges of varying heights and flat espadrilles have been quite popular during the past few years, combined together as an espadrilles wedge they are the perfect choice for shorts, skirts, dresses or jeans-they're both stylish and versatile and can be dressed up or down. How pretty is this blush pink version?! *Many I've shown below come in several colors other than the ones shown.


5. Straw Hats: I love straw bags in spring and summer weather, I take them with me to the beach, to a resort with a pool or even just around town while running errands and straw hats are no different. Everything from boater hats to floppy hats can really help to block the sun's harsh rays all while looking stylish at the same time.  My favorites right now are those with a message like this 'wish you were here' floppy hat or this 'lovely' version.  I own this $15 black & white hat and it goes with so much!



6. High Neck Bikinis & One Pieces: If you've been looking for a new swimsuit for an upcoming trip or just to round out your collection, you may have noticed that many have higher neck options which I really love because they are both practical and chic. As a mom to a busy toddler, I'm constantly bending over to build sand castles, dry her off at the beach and attend to her needs so tops where people have a clear view of my chest when I bend over is a no-no. Also, while swimming with her I find that somehow she manages to pull my bikini tops up (it's a constant battle) so this is a great solution as are one pieces. There are so many pretty colors and styles this season, take a peek...


7. Lace-up Flats & Lace-up Sandals: I don't know about you but I'm loving the look of lace-up shoes and sandals, particularly pointy toe flats. They add such a polished look to even the simplest skirt of pair of jeans, especially in classic black but I must say I'm loving bold colors such as cobalt blue and blush pink too. Last fall I started seeing them popping up everywhere and that trend has continued. Of course, many sandals with stiletto, wedge and stacked heels are also emerging and are equally as beautiful. *Many I've shown below come in several colors other than the ones shown.


Other trends that are worthy of noting but I haven't included above are: Ruffle hem tops (similar to peplum tops but I love the looser options this season), round sunglasses (such a 70's vibe as are bell sleeve tops, flare jeans and off-the-shoulder looks), pompoms on accessories such as shoes and straw bags (I love this clutch with pom poms-it makes me happy), tassels on handbags, clutches, shoes and other accessories such as earrings + bracelet sets as well as bold colors. It's such a great season to have fun with fashion!

Classic styles that you can never go wrong with this spring (if you're focusing more on building a timeless spring wardrobe) are: scalloped edges (love this tank which comes in 3 colors), pastel hues, ruffled details, gingham, rompers and of course everything lace.

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What are your favorite spring trends right now? Have you invested in anything new for the season yet?

As always, thanks for stopping by!